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A Night of Art and Elegance: SALAVISA x LOT Event Recap

We are thrilled to share the exciting details of a recent event that brought together art, technology, and culture in a harmonious blend. On December 16th of 2023, between 17h and 20h, Salavisa proudly partnered with the esteemed Porto-based store, LOT (Labels of Tomorrow), to reopen their art gallery in an unforgettable celebration.

The Perfect Partnership: SALAVISA x LOT

The collaboration was born out of the shared passion for creativity and innovation between Salavisa, the distinguished brand of aesthetic phone cases and accessories, and LOT, a haven for contemporary art and fashion in Porto, Portugal. The goal? To bring art closer to everyday life by merging the worlds of technology and creativity.

The Artsy Collection: Portuguese Artists on SALAVISA Cases

For this extraordinary event, Salavisa curated a special collection of phone cases featuring unique illustrations by renowned Portuguese artists. Elleonor, Clara Rêgo and Karla Ruas were the artistic maestros who lent their talent to transform phone cases into portable canvases. Each case tells a story, reflecting the artists' distinctive styles and cultural influences.

Elleonor: Known for her vibrant and colorful works of art, Elleonor's case breathes life and creativity.
Clara Rêgo: Recognized for her personality-infused works connected to nature and the sea, her case radiates uniqueness and artistry.
Karla Ruas: A Portuguese painter and illustrator, Karla is celebrated for her colorful depictions of human characters, evoking emotions and states of mind.

The Event Unveiled

The grand reopening event was a mesmerizing spectacle, featuring live music by Filé di Cabilau, street jazz groove artists that set the perfect rhythm for the evening. Attendees were treated to live painting sessions, tantalizing drinks, and delightful candies that added a sweet touch to the artistic atmosphere.

A Night to Remember

The event not only showcased the marriage of technology and art but also underscored the importance of community and collaboration. Salavisa is grateful to LOT for extending the invitation to be part of this cultural extravaganza.

As we bid adieu to this unforgettable night of art and elegance, Salavisa continues to be the bridge between technology and creativity, making art accessible to all. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and innovations from Salavisa as we embark on this journey of merging aesthetics with modernity.

Until next time, let the art on your phone case tell your unique story!