Production & Shipping

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Each item is specially made for you and our packages are produced and shipped from our business partners and manufacturers in the USA, UK, EU, and Australia.
The following is an estimate of the transit times that our couriers provide.
As all orders are custom-made so the print times will vary depending on the product and destination.

US orders will be provided a tracking number to track the progress of the shipment.

Why Made to Order?

Having a made-to-order business means that we are able to produce our items in multiple locations, control inventory levels and reduce overall waste.

We want to differentiate from other brands providing customized products, such as allowing our customers to replace our brand with their liking: their name, monogram, other people's name, or simply without any brand at all.

We strongly believe that custom-made products allow our customers a better experience.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

As each item is made to order, it usually takes us 2-6 business days to create and dispatch the item out to your lovely self, and then the delivery times are as follows:

UK - Shipping up to 2 - 6 business days

USA - Shipping up to 3 - 7 business days

Europe, Canada & Asia - Shipping up to 5 - 10 business days

Australia - Shipping up to 5 - 10 business days

Rest of the World - Shipping up to 10 - 20 business days

Shipping times are approximate and depend on where your country is located, your postal office, and customs practices.

Whilst we do our best to ensure that production and deliveries are within the times listed, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the times listed above.

Do I receive a tracking number # once I place an order?

Currently, this service is only available to US shipments.

We will advise your tracking number and carrier info once your order is dispatched.

Once I have placed my order, can I change it or edit the shipping details?

Once an order is placed, it is usually sent to our warehouse right away, so generally once it is placed, we likely cannot change it as we may have started production!
However, feel free to email us at to check if it is possible to do so. If you ever need to edit your shipping details just let us know.

A shipping workplace address is preferred where someone is available to receive and sign for the package within business hours.